Ted Nowak

Senior Data Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Primary Roles:
Scientist in Marine Robotics and ML leading research in marine robotics, multi-object tracking, adversarial machine learning, and AI ethics.
Working Research Scuba Diver performing field deployments and underwater resource management.

Research interests: As a researcher with diverse experience in robotics, machine learning, and the maritime domain, I seek to develop technologies to help monitor natural resources, and enable exploration of the natural world. As I’ve charted a path from deep learning research to field robotics, I’ve worked on problems spanning deep network compression, AI ethics, adversarial machine learning, deep learning on 3D and 4D sensors, robotics system development, multi-object tracking, and classical computer vision. Going forward, I hope to continue to bridge the gap between robotics, deep learning, and field research in order to develop new ways to understand and appreciate the world around us.

Previously, I received a M.S. in Robotics from the University of Michigan during which I co-instructed the graduate-level Robotics Systems Lab course with Ella Atkins, Shai Revzen, Chad Jenkins, and Peter Gaskell. During my Masters I also conducted research in deep neural network compression with Jason Corso, and with whom I had previously worked as a staff Research Engineer. I also previously worked at Seale Studios - an independent artist studio that uses technology to create art displays - interned at National Instruments as an Analog Hardware Engineer, was a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Circuits course at Case Western Reserve University for 4 semesters, and conducted research in the Case Neural Engineering Center with Thomas Ladas and Dominique Durand.


Jan 1, 2023 I’ve been promoted to a Senior Data Scientist.
Aug 21, 2022 In addition to my other roles, I’ve started working as a diver on our research scuba dive team.
Jan 10, 2022 I’m helping procure a SeaRobotics ASV for research at PNNL Sequim. More awesome research with it soon to come.
Oct 15, 2021 I’ve moved to PNNL’s Marine and Coastal Research Lab (MCRL) in Sequim, WA to help build a Maritime AI and Robotics research group.
Jan 15, 2019 I started working as a Data Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, WA.